Day: March 22, 2023

Short-term acute bright light exposure induces a prolonged anxiogenic effect in mice via a retinal ipRGC-CeA circuit by Ge Wang

Light modulates mood through various retina-brain pathways. We showed that mice treated with short-term acute bright light exposure displayed anxiety-related phenotypes in a prolonged manner even after the termination of the exposure. Such a postexposure anxiogenic effect depended upon melanopsin-based intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell (ipRGC) activities rather than rod/cone photoreceptor inputs. Chemogenetic manipulation of…

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Ultrasound Combined With Single-Use Cervical Dilation Sticks And Lidocaine Achieved Good Clinical Outcomes In Hysteroscopic Removal Of The Intrauterine Device: A Pilot Study by Yini Zhao

CONCLUSIONS: In hysteroscopic IUD removal, ultrasound combined with single-use cervical dilation sticks and lidocaine can gently soften and dilate the cervix in a short time, shortening the procedure time and reducing pain. The procedure is simplified, rapid, safe and has a high success rate.

Three-Dimensional Human Bone Marrow Organoids for the Study and Application of Normal and Abnormal Hematoimmunopoiesis by Alejandro de Janon

Hematoimmunopoiesis takes place in the adult human bone marrow (BM), which is composed of heterogeneous niches with complex architecture that enables tight regulation of homeostatic and stress responses. There is a paucity of representative culture systems that recapitulate the heterogeneous three-dimensional (3D) human BM microenvironment and that can endogenously produce soluble factors and extracellular matrix…

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PROTAC-Mediated Selective Degradation of Cytosolic Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Enhances ER Stress Reduction by Yuxin Wang

Soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) is a bifunctional enzyme responsible for lipid metabolism and is a promising drug target. Here, we report the first-in-class PROTAC small-molecule degraders of sEH. Our optimized PROTAC selectively targets the degradation of cytosolic but not peroxisomal sEH, resulting in exquisite spatiotemporal control. Remarkably, our sEH PROTAC molecule has higher potency in…

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Excessive fructose consumption is associated with the incidence of obesity and systemic inflammation, resulting in increased oxidative stress and damage to the function of brain structures. Thus, we hypothesized that fructose consumption will significantly increase inflammation, oxidative damage and mitochondrial dysfunction in the mouse brain and, consequently, memory damage. The effects of different fructose concentrations…

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Selenoprotein P deficiency protects against immobilization-induced muscle atrophy by suppressing atrophy-related E3 ubiquitin ligases by Halimulati Abuduwaili

The quality of skeletal muscle is maintained by a balance between protein biosynthesis and degradation. Disruption in this balance results in sarcopenia. However, its underlying mechanisms remain under-investigated. Selenoprotein P (SeP; encoded by Selenop in mice) is a hepatokine that is upregulated in type 2 diabetes and aging and causes signal resistances via reductive stress.…

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We have studied the effects of naringin (NAR), a flavonoid from citric fruits, on morphology, ultrastructure and function of the kidney in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats. Two groups of animals were used: 1) control rats, and 2) STZ rats (60 mg STZ/kg b.w.). At 3 days after induction, one group of STZ-treated rats received 40…

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Effect of delivery mode on postnatal platelet count dynamics in neonates born to mothers with immune thrombocytopenia by Shoichiro Wada

We aimed to determine the effect of delivery mode on postnatal platelet count dynamics in neonates born to mothers with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). This single-center, retrospective study included 41 mothers with ITP and their 65 infants born by vaginal delivery (VD, n = 30) and cesarean section (CS, n = 35) between January 1997 and…

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Feeding practices, dietary adequacy, and dietary diversities among caregivers with under-five children: A descriptive cross-section study in Dodoma region, Tanzania by Walter C Millanzi

CONCLUSION: Under-five children are at serious risk of nutritional problems as most caregivers in this study demonstrated unsatisfactory feeding practices on dietary diversities for dietary adequacy below the world health organization recommended Minimum Dietary diversity and Minimum Meal Frequency. Community-based nutritional education programs for caregivers need to be disseminated to the community level to address…

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